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  1. USB connection error: click on the Windows key, search “Device Manager.” Check if there is “USB Printing Support” under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
    If “USB Printing Support” is not found, follow instructions as follows:
  • Connect the printer to another USB port.
  • If the printer used to work with other PCs, the problem cause might be that the printer is not recognized due to the weak power of your current PC’s USB port. Use a powered USB hub to connect to the printer.
  • Reinstall the Nemonic printer driver. (If the problem insists after the reinstallation, delete it and reinstall it again.)
  • Change the cable if an extra one is available.
  • Printer driver error: Please delete your printer driver and reinstall. Don’t forget to remove your USB cable when you install the program.

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Please check if the paper setting is incorrect. The size of the paper provided by standard is 3”x2”. When you use Nemonic mobile app, please check if you changed the paper size. From the submenu, select the Change Memo Size icon. Click on the applicable size icon to change the size.

If you use PC to print, change the printing size to the paper size once again before printing. Click on Printer Properties, and select the paper size and orientation from the Printer Properties window. If the Edit window and the printing preview window are identical, it means that the printer properties are correctly set.

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When you insert label paper in the printer that supports the sticky paper only, it comes out as cut in the middle.

  1. Check your printer modelThe printer that supports label paper is marked “LABEL” at the front. The old Nemonic model does not have a label printing feature.
  2. Cartridge defectIt may happen rarely, but with a cartridge defected, the paper may come out as cut in the middle. In this case, it is recommended to replace paper.
    If you have another label cartridge, check if the same symptom happens with it. If it is cartridge problem, then please contact the seller and exchange the cartridge
  3. Printer defectIf same symptom happens with all cartridges, printer failure is highly probable.
    If your printer or cartridge fails, contact the seller you purchased to exchange it.

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If the right LED blinks and it beeps, the printer is in the state unable to print.
The beep pattern indicates the error cause.

  1. LED blinks and the beep repeats two times.If the right LED blinks and the beep repeats, it indicates the paperless state.
    This error occurs when paper is run out or when you close the cover without pulling the paper out of the paper outlet a little.
    Replace the paper cartridge with a new one, or install the cartridge appropriately by pulling the paper out of the paper outlet a little.
  2. LED blinks and the beep repeats three times.If the right LED blinks and the beep repeats, it indicates that the paper is jammed.
    In this case, open the cover, remove the jammed paper, and insert the cartridge again.
  3. I closed the cover and LED blinks.If it beeps once and the right LED blinks, it indicates that the cover is left open.
    Close the cover fully until you hear the clicking sound.
  4. It stopped printing and LED blinksWhen you print tens of sheets continuously, the printer head temperature may increase.
    In this case, the Nemonic Label printer automatically suspends printing to prevent overheating. At this moment, the right LED keeps blinking.
    If the temperature returns normal and the printer resumes printing, the right LED stops blinking.

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  1. Check the connection of the power cable.
  2. In rare cases, when connected to a multi-tap with a device that consumes high power, the power may be low and may not turn on properly. Please connect it to another multi-tap for testing.

Even though there is no problem with the power connection, the LED is not turned on, contact the seller you purchased to exchange it.



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