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Program error(Windows)Windows - I installed the PC driver, but I cannot print.

Check that the power of the Nemonic printer is turned on. 

Check that it is correctly connected to your PC through the USB connection.

If it still does not work, click on the Windows key, search “Device Manager.” 

Check if there is “USB Printing Support” under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers.”

- Windows 10

- Windows 11

If “USB Printing Support” is not found, follow instructions as follows:
- Connect the printer to another USB port.
- If the printer used to work with other PCs, the problem cause might be that the printer is not recognized due to the weak power of your current PC’s USB port. Use a powered USB hub to connect to the printer.
- Reinstall the Nemonic printer driver. (If the problem insists after the reinstallation, delete it and reinstall it again.)
- Change the cable if an extra one is available.