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PrinterPreparation for Using the Nemonic Label Printer

Video clips are available for your reference from package opening to printing.


Setup Guide Video Clips
Link : PC & Mobile Setup Guide


1. General Description



2. Power Connection


Connect the power cable provided to the round connector at the rear side of the Nemonic Label printer. 

Connect the plug at the other end of the power cable to the main power receptacle.
Press the power button at the rear side of the printer, and the power will turn on.
At this moment, the LED indicator at the front of the print will turn on. 

When you turn on the power without inserting a cartridge, it will make a beep.


3. Cartridge Insertion


Slide down the levers at both sides of the printer and open the cover.



Insert a cartridge. At this moment, the arrow marked on the printer and that on the cartridge should face each other.



Pull the paper out of the paper outlet slot a little and close the cover.


When you close the cover, the printer will cut the first sheet to the cartridge type and the paper length.
Now, your Nemonic Label printer is ready to use.


4. PC Program Installation

Refer to the below links and install the PC program.

Windows User
Link : Start from Windows PC

Mac User
Link: Start from Mac


After installing the program, use a USB A to A cable to connect the printer to the PC.
※ Do not connect the printer before installing the program. The program may fail.

Open the Nemonic PC app.
The size of the paper provided by standard is 3” X 2”.
Check the menu size according to the paper size.


Enter a text and click on the Print icon to start printing.


If printed normally, you are ready to use the printer from your PC.

For more information on how to use the app and print from MS Office, refer to the below links.


Windows User
Link : Learn menu functions of the Nemonic PC app
Link : How to Use from MS Office

Mac User
Link : Learn menu functions of the Nemonic PC app
Link : How to Use from MS Office


5. Mobile App Installation

Referring to the below links, install the mobile app.

Android User
Link : Start from Android

iOS User
Link : Start from iOS


After installing the Nemonic app, check the printer connection from the app.
Tap the New Memo icon to open an empty screen.
Check the paper size, enter a desired text, and tap the Print icon for test printing.
The text is printed while the front-left LED of the printer blinks.

If printed normally, you are ready to use the printer from your mobile phone.